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Welcome to Restaurant MM

With a 30 year tradition, we introduced our selves to the domestic and foreign markets. In our business we have been included in the UN base, "SFOR" at the airport in Ortiješ near Mostar and with LA Mechta Restaurant we existed for six years and meet the tastes of five world nations.

Situated in the centre of city (300 meters from the Old Bridge), the MM restaurant is proud of its long-dating gastronomic tradition and its first-class service.

Totally air-conditioned, it is made up of two large dining areas which can hold 60-80 people. On the ground floor, there is a sales space with the best Bosnian specialities, where guests can examine the various products to be tasted, apart from choosing from the dishes already present on the menu.

The restaurant staff is capable of organizing any type of event: cocktail parties, catering etc. either inside or outside the restaurant premises.

Visit us and you will not regret it!